Leadership Team

We are a highly skilled team of experienced data scientists, software engineers, managers, and CTOs. Our goal is to automate anomaly detection.

Avi Elran

Avi Elran has been developing pioneering technical concepts since 1999 with his first company, Plastelina Games, which brought complex graphics and advanced interaction to web users with Flash technology - peaking at 1.5m unique monthly visitors, or 0.6% of all internet users in 2001.Through co-founding Streem.ai he has been able to demonstrate his competence in taking on the challenges faced in designing, developing and implementing new ideas into functional digital applications.

Abou George

Abou George, a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA, has over 6 yrs experience in IT consulting and developing market intelligence products at Infosys and 3 years experience in managing operations, sales and business development. Clients he has worked for include Sainsbury’s and GAP.

Gary Abela

Gary Abela is a former London City banker and asset manager with over 15 years of experience. While CCO of Tech Open Air, he oversaw their most successful conference to date, delivering a year-over-year growth of 171%. Whilst at Legg Mason, Gary was on an innovation steering committee looking at new technologies that would disrupt their business and has a good understanding of digitalisation from a corporate perspective.

Nir Galili

Nir Galili is a software Engineer with broad experience in developing embedded systems, mobile phone physical layers and image enhancement dual camera systems. He has over 12 years experience dealing with software technologies. Nir has worked for both SanDisk and Corephotonics Ltd as a Senior Software Engineer gaining key technical experience.

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